12 December 2019

The first university in the world to align its entire range of courses to artificial intelligence was recently founded in Abu Dhabi.

While in Germany you still have the final budget for investing in artificial intelligence discussed, decisions are made and implemented elsewhere. Sometimes in places where it would not be expected in this form. The first AI university in the world opens its doors to graduates in Abu Dhabi. The first students will begin their studies in September next year.

The oil wealth is not infinite and so the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which includes Abu Dhabi, formulated a 30-year strategy for a diversified economy. In addition to renewable energies, the focus is also on financial services, healthcare and new materials.

A sufficient number of professionals is required to implement a long-term strategy. The UAE founded the Mohamed bin Zayed University of AI (MBZUAI) on October 16 to train them.

The topic of AI now plays a major role in almost every technical course. The most important universities in the USA, Great Britain and Germany also offer special courses. "The MBZUAI differs from this offer in that it is closely linked to the targeted strategic diversification of the economy," Brady explains the philosophy. The university is built on two pillars: the Inception Institute of AI (IIAI) with director Professor Ling Shao, a former Ph.D. student Michael Bradys at the top, and G42, a big data company.

The first class starts in September 2020

The core courses have already been developed for the first master's program and the first doctoral students. They are primarily based on machine learning, but place a strong emphasis on image analysis and natural language understanding. 


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